More on Glutenophobia


By now you are well aware of the mass hysteria created by the tour de force of the meat industry’s marketing triumphs – the selling of the Paleo diet (forget “Where’s the Beef” and “Real Food for Real Men” – that was child’s play!).  As you know from previous blogs, a cornerstone of this success has been the financing of faux news and the underwriting of faux best-selling tomes revealing the truth about how we should be eating.

The Atkins Diet was the break-out success story in this marketing strategy, which led ultimately to the Cave Man mania (aka Paleo) which now has half the world terrified of being attacked by run-a-way gluten.  Since I take graduate students on a dozen or more weekend course retreats every year, I have the tiresome duty of collecting and passing on dietary restrictions to the camps and conference centers that we use.  And as I’m sure you can guess, the number of students who require gluten-free choices (because they believe themselves to be “gluten intolerant”) grows by leaps and bounds.  Taking careful note of which students have this unfortunate intolerance, I take further note of their food selections as they pass through the mess hall.  I am still waiting to see my first gluten-intolerant student select healthful choices from the buffet line.  Aside from eschewing gluten, they seem to eschew all buffet choices that don’t fit under the umbrella of junk as defined in our entreaty Don’t Put Junk in your Mouth.  They follow a different path: Put Nothing but Junk in your Mouth!

 I guess they got the memo about gluten being the source of all human infirmity.  But missed the memo about the real infirmities plaguing western civilization in the 21st Century: obesity, cardiovascular damage (aka heart disease), diabetes, myriad cancers, etc. – none of which are scientifically connected to consuming gluten!

Cross Fit “Nutrition”


If you are getting your nutritional advice from a Cross-Fit trainer, you are being stupid – in so many ways!  First, you can save yourself the Cross-Fit membership and go directly to the source of this advice – the meat industry, proud sponsor of the Paleo Diet, the Zone Diet, the Atkins Diet, and other industry-serving fads.  One can only hope that Cross-Fit trainers know more about human physiology than they do about nutrition (or do they just know how to feed the Cross-Fit business model with an eager underwriter?).

I don’t have anything against meat – as long as it’s nutritious and safe.  But it’s neither.  Sliced ham comes with a super-junk caloric breakdown:  48 percent from fat (zero nutrients), 43 percent from animal protein (deleterious), and a meager 9 percent from carbohydrate.  This is the kind of junk you don’t want to put in your mouth!  Or – how about “healthy” cooked salmon: 54 percent fat, 46 percent animal protein, 0 percent carbohydrate.  That’s what we call calorie dense and nutrient light.  We also call it junk.  Your Cross-Fit trainer would call it food!

Trust me, doping on animal fat and animal protein is not the road to sound nutrition.  It’s the road to cardiovascular damage (heart disease), diabetes, obesity, and myriad cancers.

Don’t put junk in your mouth.  Don’t listen to your Cross-Fit trainer.  Don’t be stupid.

Be Sure to Know your Blood Type!


Let this post be a composite reply to all the myriad diets that are supposedly tailored to unique body attributes.  And then reread the January 8, 2015, post and substitute “whatever your blood type is” for all of the qualifiers on the list of special circumstances for when something is not good for you.

Let me summarize:

If it’s not good for you, it’s not good for you regardless of your blood type (of which there were eight types the last time I counted).

If it’s good for you, it’s good for you regardless of your blood type.

Forget about your blood type in choosing food.  It is totally irrelevant.  Pay no attention to anyone who wants to tell you to follow your particular blood type to some customized dietary regimen.

And – I just have to say this – stop being so damned gullible!!  Not only is your blood type irrelevant, it’s also irrelevant that you evolved from cave men (and you probably didn’t!).

And that you think that people living on the periphery of the Mediterranean Sea have discovered the food of long life (this might be a good time for you to check on the obesity rates in Greece!).

And that people have eaten junk for centuries and therefore it must be natural and healthy!

And that someone wrote a book about the angst of omnivores and therefore we must be omnivores!

And that a once-board-certified cardiologist put in place a wildly popular diet that was a veritable celebration – an orgy – of consuming animal fat.  And therefore that must be good for you!

And that olive oil, nuts, avocados and fish are elixirs of long life because, once again, southern Europeans do it!

Stop being so damned gullible!!