“Colon-cancer deaths rise among the young.  Why? Trend Puzzles Experts”



The title of this blog entry is a page-one headline in The Seattle Times on August 23, 2017.  One more shocking blow to our public health that is a total mystery!!!

Lately the most shocking development in public health is the soaring rate of obesity among pretty much every sector of the American population.  And, of course, we have no idea what’s causing people to get fat!

Whenever the obvious explanation for an alarming and deleterious change in the public health is “because we are putting more junk in our mouths” – in other words, taking another wrong turn on the Standard American Diet (SAD) pathway – the newsworthy shock is always that the change is not only bad and alarming, but that it is always a mystery why it is happening.

The sub-headline from the Seattle Times piece continues with “Something ‘truly important’ going on; multiple causes explored.”

And the article begins with the predictable “A sobering new study has found that younger Americans aren’t just getting colon-cancer diagnoses earlier.  They are dying of colorectal cancer at slightly higher rates than in previous decades, and no one knows why.”

Well, OK.  We certainly wouldn’t want to start recklessly throwing around the blame for this SAD predicament – but, on the other hand, the SAD would be a good place to begin the blame game.  And how has the SAD changed for the worse over the past decade?  One word:  PALEO.  And we knew this was coming. Despite the modest benefits that some derive from the PALEO regimen – mainly tied to eating far less processed white flour and sugar, and cutting out dairy – the increase in meat consumption, which is the entire motivation of this meat-industry sponsored “diet,” overrides the health benefits from eliminating dairy and highly processed and sugar-enriched white flour.

The increase in colon cancer was predictable.  I don’t think there is a clear-eyed nutritionist that is surprised.  And it will get worse until we stop taking nutritional advice from cross-fit trainers and other meat-industry-sponsored purveyors of this Paleo nonsense.