God Please Save Us From Gluten!


I suppose if you are one of the leading enemies of healthful eating – for example, if you are the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) – you will look for ways to distract consumers from the deadly realities of doping on animal fat and animal protein.  One way of doing this that has been remarkably successful is to create a phony agent of death and disability.  Currently the leading agent in this diabolical strategy is gluten.  Yes, we all have friends, who seem otherwise to be perfectly sane people, who speak of gluten in the same way that I speak of cyanide or Superman speaks of kryptonite.


I don’t usually post videos to my blog, but the following is so entertaining and so gut-wrenching funny that I just have to do it.  It’s a true masterpiece on the theme of putting gluten into some modicum of perspective.  You will want to share this with all your Paleo friends — just before you leave the country and shut down your email and phone connections!



I hope you enjoyed watching this.  He has my vote for an Academy Award for “hilarious shorts that convey an important truth.”


Friends – gluten is not your enemy.  Your enemies are the industries and institutions (like the NAMI) who want you to fixate on gluten and ignore all the real junk that you let into your mouth.


Don’t put junk in your mouth!  And don’t be so damn gullible!