Obesity Link – to the Coca Cola Company?  Say it Ain’t So!


Under the theme of “follow the money” we have this unsurprising revelation from earlier this month.  A nonprofit corporation calling itself the Global Energy Balance Network (funny name, no?), which was established to combat obesity, claimed that it had received an “unrestricted gift” from the Coca Cola Company to help carry out its work in fighting the scourge of obesity.  Oh, and for those skeptics out there, this was a genuine no-strings-attached gift and involved “no input” from Coke.

I can tell some of you readers aren’t quite buying this!  You cynics, you!

Well, OK, maybe you were right to follow the money on this nefarious caper.  The Associated Press looked a little deeper into this relationship (which is surprising in itself!) and found emails showing that Coke a) helped with the selection of the nonprofit’s leaders, b) edited its mission statement, and c) suggested content for its website!  Now that is what I call a truly “unrestricted gift” with “no input” from the donor!

The anti-obesity group lasted about one day after severing its relationship with Coke, which was tantamount to cutting off its head and severing its limbs.  Coca Cola, by any other name (like, for example, the disingenuous Global Energy Balance Network), is still Coca Cola.  And, yes, “things go better with Coke,” especially if Coke is paying for them.  Just ask the defunct Global Energy Balance Network!