“Baby Animals Bring Big Blessings” (Are you sure about that???)



Tis’ the season for holiday gift catalogues!  With that in mind, I was happy to see that World Vision is joining this tradition by offering its supporters a chance to send life-giving gifts of charity this holiday season.  But I wasn’t happy for very long – only until I looked in the catalogue and found incongruous opportunities to supply livestock to bolster the living circumstances of the destitute beneficiaries of World Vision!  These offers were supposed to be a variation on the gift that keeps on giving motif.

Now, let’s be fair, World Vision is a wonderful organization that does immeasurable good in this world.  I’m proud to have World Vision as a neighbor in the Pacific Northwest.  However, as I’m sure my readers know, the answer to world hunger is not to be found in moving people up on the food chain!  That is the wrong direction to be moving!  Today nearly five billion of the world’s 7.4 billion inhabitants subsist on diets comprised mainly of vegetation, and the only foreseeable strategy for insuring that all of our earthly brethren have enough food to eat in the years ahead is to move the other 2.4 billion of us to plant-based nutrition.

Have you missed the recent news from the Paris summit on global warming?  Have you missed Pope Francis’s profound encyclical on climate change – the Laudato si?  Let me briefly summarize: under no circumstances can the earth survive if its land and energy resources are used to raise grain to feed livestock so that a small minority of the population can eat at the top of the food chain.

Either we all consume low on the food chain, or over half of the world’s population will, at best, subsist near starvation – which is the way it is today.  So – please do not heed World Vision’s invitation to give that little piggy to a family.  That is not where we want to be going!