Eating and Exercising in Denial


Remember that survey taken a few years ago that asked respondents about whether they saw their current diets as healthy or unhealthy?  The one where 85 percent of the clinically obese respondents reported that they at a “healthy diet.”

So – if their diets were “healthy” then they must be attributing their morbid obesity to some other behaviors, right?  Or to some peculiar genetic strain that creates body fat from thin air!

I don’t want to come down hard on exercise.  I like exercise.  I do it often and with joy.  But I don’t want to attribute to exercise powers that it doesn’t possess; like, for example, the power to keep me trim.  Exercising is a fringe benefit of my being trim, and of my decision to minimize the placement of junk in my mouth.  It’s one of those delightful bonuses of eating food instead of junk.

Too many of my friends think if they run fast enough and far enough they will be able to outrun the effects of eating junk. They aren’t succeeding with that strategy now, and they won’t succeed in the future.  What you put in your mouth is by far the number one agent of your body shape and your body weight.  AND the number one agent of what is going on inside your cardiovascular system, out of sight of what your body may look like in the mirror.

Don’t delude yourself.  The solution to your health and fitness blues will not be found mainly in your gym.  It will be found at the end of your fork.  If you are nutritionally subsisting on the standard American diet, there are not enough steps you can run or barbells you can hoist to adequately mitigate that damage.