Cross Fit “Nutrition”


If you are getting your nutritional advice from a Cross-Fit trainer, you are being stupid – in so many ways!  First, you can save yourself the Cross-Fit membership and go directly to the source of this advice – the meat industry, proud sponsor of the Paleo Diet, the Zone Diet, the Atkins Diet, and other industry-serving fads.  One can only hope that Cross-Fit trainers know more about human physiology than they do about nutrition (or do they just know how to feed the Cross-Fit business model with an eager underwriter?).

I don’t have anything against meat – as long as it’s nutritious and safe.  But it’s neither.  Sliced ham comes with a super-junk caloric breakdown:  48 percent from fat (zero nutrients), 43 percent from animal protein (deleterious), and a meager 9 percent from carbohydrate.  This is the kind of junk you don’t want to put in your mouth!  Or – how about “healthy” cooked salmon: 54 percent fat, 46 percent animal protein, 0 percent carbohydrate.  That’s what we call calorie dense and nutrient light.  We also call it junk.  Your Cross-Fit trainer would call it food!

Trust me, doping on animal fat and animal protein is not the road to sound nutrition.  It’s the road to cardiovascular damage (heart disease), diabetes, obesity, and myriad cancers.

Don’t put junk in your mouth.  Don’t listen to your Cross-Fit trainer.  Don’t be stupid.