Got Oil?  Take it for Safe Recycling.


How can it be, in the enlightenment of year 2015, that more people are afraid of gluten-poising than of oil-poisoning?  Eating gluten is not a cause of our American epidemics of coronary arterial destruction (sometimes called “heart disease” – making it sound almost contagious!), diabetes, and myriad cancers.  And consuming oil is very much a cause of this carnage.

Don’t be stupid.  I know, oil has a good public relations thing going – especially such presumed elixirs of robust health as olive oil.  But, in truth, oil is deadly.  It’s junk – almost perfect junk by our definition.  Oil is 100 percent dietary fat with the benefit of having zero nutrients.  In other words, it is calorie dense and nutrient deficient – the worst junk that you can put into your mouth.

Worried about not getting enough fat in your diet?  Relax.  Unless you are starving yourself to death – that is, eating essentially nothing – then you are getting ample dietary fat.  And chances are you are currently eating mostly useless fat – actually toxic would be a better adjective.  Rather than meeting modest omega 3 fat needs, most Americans are consuming 20 times more omega 6 calories than omega 3 calories, all but eliminating the omega 3 effect on nutrient digestion and metabolism.

My neighborhood now has a specialty oil emporium, where people can partake of oil tastings, and purchase lots of vintage oil.  It almost looks like a medical laboratory – see the picture above.  And these oil boutiques are showing up all over my city!  And people are actually gathering to taste oil!

Don’t do it.  Don’t add oil to your food.  Don’t cook with oil.  Don’t mess with oil.  Find a toxic waste recycler for whatever oil you still have around.  And don’t get any more.  And if you want to replace those oil calories with something, you might try gluten!