The Cow’s Revenge

But How Do You Get Enough Calcium Image

I established in an earlier blog (March 23, 2015) my ambivalent relationship with the cattle herds that befoul the water supply and methane-ate the atmosphere.   I have no argument with the cows.  I just don’t particularly want them around.  And I am perfectly fine with you eating them and drinking their milk.  But there are costs for you and this might be a good time to revisit those costs.

First, beef is junk — not food.  It is high in dietary fat and low in dietary nutrition.  Calorie dense and nutrient light.  You won’t hear this from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association ( or from my state’s Cattle Producers of Washington (

But it’s true.  If you follow sound, scientific nutritional guidelines, you won’t be putting much beef in your mouth.  Don’t put junk in your mouth.

But there is junk and there is junk – and some junk is much worse for you than other junk. And when it comes to bovine sources of junk, the most deleterious source is from the cow’s milk – from dairy.  Beef is junk, is not nutritious, and is unhealthy; dairy is worse than junk, is not nutritious, and is unsafe.

Why doesn’t everyone know this?  A few years ago the Pacific Science Center in Seattle created an exhibit for children to raise their consciousness around health issues.  The exhibit was sponsored by the Dairy Farmers of Washington ( and you can well imagine the mass of disinformation that comprised the exhibit.  Apparently the First Amendment, when it comes to lying to children about milk, is an absolute license.

If the Food and Drug Administration exercised an ounce of integrity, dairy products would not be approved for human consumption.  The epidemiology around dairy is compelling and frightening.

In a previous blog I challenged you to investigate the safety of dairy.  Well?  Have you found that one independent, scientifically sound study yet that supports the assumption of dairy product safety?  Keep looking!