A Final Word on Craving Junk Instead of Food


What do the last blog post and the “Mills Brothers” post say to a culture that craves high-fat junk, and that suffers all the diseases of excess that attend to that feeding and craving?  They say that we can transition from eating and craving junk, to eating and craving healthy food.  Yes, really!  That means that the broccoli and spinach and garbanzo beans and brown rice and whole grains that you disdain, can and would become the broccoli and spinach and garbanzo beans and brown rice and whole grains that you crave!  It also means that as much as you now love and crave and savor the junk you put in your mouth every day, you would love and crave and savor healthy food even more.  It means that you would look forward to that evening meal even more than you do now, because a palate adapted to real food is more rewarded by eating than a palate adapted to junk.

Do you remember when Japanese tourists first started to visit America by the multitudes in the 1960’s and 1970’s?  Aside from carrying a lot of camera gear, they routinely dined together in Asian restaurants.  Americans used to wonder out loud why those tourists didn’t experiment adventurously with the typical American cuisine.  Why would they travel all the way to America in order to dine on the same cuisine they were used to back home?  The reason was that their palates craved a very different cuisine.  They craved what they were used to, and wanted to continue to enjoy the foods that their palates knew and craved.

Now that the SAD (Standard American Diet) has been introduced to the Japanese palate – and enthusiastically received by many of its youth – their tourists are far more flexible in their choices for dining while abroad.  And, sadly, the SAD has taken a notable toll on the public health of their country.  Our American epidemics of obesity, diabetes, coronary damage and cancer spread with the spread of the SAD.

And that is very SAD!