Saturated Fat is Good. Exercise is Bad. The World is Flat


Maybe it was our obsession with body fat that distracted us from sound nutrition.  After all, people did lose weight – at least out of the blocks – by adhering to the moronic Atkins Diet!  I guess the lessen from observing Atkins dieters, aside from proving that some people will fall for anything, is that if we are able to simulate the biological effects of type I diabetes, we are then able to produce weight loss – at least in the short term.  Remarkable!  Who really cares if it’s healthy or not, as long as it produces weight loss!

Be honest with me.  When you first heard about the Atkins Diet, you thought it was a joke, right?  I mean, when you were told that a board-certified cardiologist wrote a book recommending that you dope on animal fat – you thought someone was making this up, right?  And then you gradually realized that the earth was, indeed, flat, and that you might be able to fly if you jump from a 40-story building!  And the great thing is that we’ve thought all along that dietary fat was bad, gravity holds, and the earth is round – to finally discover that we’ve been duped!

I am finally coming out of denial on this food message that has been all the rage since Dr. Atkins stopped practicing medicine and started his experiments with human gullibility.  And since cavemen became the ultimate source for healthy eating behaviors!  And since gluten eclipsed cyanide as the worst thing you could put in your mouth!

People really are capable of believing that saturated fat is good for us.  That anything can be good for us if we savor it, and fondle it, and enjoy it, and think about where it came from, and how it got here, and whether it enjoyed grazing in a bucolic pasture or was tortured in a fattening-up factory.

P.T. Barnum was right.  And maybe Lincoln, too, if he ever really did say “you can fool all of the people some of the time, etc.”  Honestly, do you really believe that consuming saturated fat is not bad for you!  Are we so enthralled with the prospect of overturning time-worn conventional wisdom, as well as rejecting virtually all of nutritional science, that we will actually believe this silliness?  Or is it that we are so hopelessly addicted to the taste of fat that we will grasp at any thread of hope that doping on saturated fat might actually be a good thing?