Disease?  Or Self-Inflicted Damage?


I mentioned coronary artery disease a couple times in the preceding posts, and every time I write those three words it feels disingenuous.  I think what I should be writing is coronary artery damage.

If I fall on the sidewalk and skin my knee, I don’t look at my knee and say “look, I have abraded skin disease!”  No, I look at my abrasion and see it as an injury.  And if I had caused the abrasion by intentionally sandpapering my knee, I would stupidly look at what I’d done and called it a self-inflicted injury.

And yet, when our arteries become clogged with plaque caused by choosing the SAD (standard American diet) over healthy eating – by choosing fat over starch – we conclude that we have contracted coronary artery disease.  And yet, the damage to our arteries – and it is damage, not disease – has been willfully and deliberately inflicted by our decision to consume excessive levels of dietary fat.

Okay, to be fair, for most people living in America this damage would be caused by an unconscious and uninformed decision to eat what is normal in our culture – to follow the SAD and the guidelines we are so gratuitously gifted by our U.S. Department of Agriculture and congressmen and senators who are owned by lobbyists of the junk food industries.

But now you know.  From now on the exacerbation of damage to your arteries will be self-inflicted.  And — listen to this carefully – if you are over twenty and have been faithfully eating in accordance with the SAD all your life, the chances are very good that you do have coronary artery damage.  Sadly, we have compelling autopsy evidence to know that artery damage in America begins early in life, and too often ends with a surprise heart attack that is fatal.  Most people who have heart damage don’t even know it.  A good rule of thumb is to assume that you do if you’ve been eating like an American for twenty or more years.

And – stop eating like that.  It’s not worth it.