Nutrition is a Science – Really!


Nutrition is a science.  Epidemiology is a science.  Of course these research disciplines continue to evolve.  There is much we still don’t know.  But what we do know is found in the meta-analyses of unsponsored (see January 26, 2015 blog and laser focus on the word unsponsored), scientifically sound research that has stood up to the scrutiny of serious reviewers.  And, regrettably, as shown in my January 22, 2015 blog, we cannot presume that research accepted for publication by either the Journal of the American Medical Association or the New England Journal of Medicine meets an appropriate standard for scientific inquiry.  And this is a human tragedy.  We need to rely on the top journals in medicine to uphold a high bar for research methodology, for unbiased inquiry, for freedom from political and mercenary influences.  In short, we need integrity from our scientific journals – not prostitution.

If you sort out the meta-analyses that are unfettered by sponsorship and prostitution, you will find something very interesting.  You will find that, in a general and broad sense, fundamental nutrition has changed very little over the past fifty years.  Sadly, fundamental, science-based, nutrition has never found its way to the food pyramids and other sundry gimmicks for influencing the standard American diet – the SAD.  And that truly is SAD, for, among other carnages, this decision to ignore sound nutrition has given us a culture where diabetes, obesity, coronary artery disease, and myriad cancers are deemed normal, and, most devastatingly, out of our control.  We expect these disabilities as part of being American.

Here’s the SAD summary:  Disease and disability are normal.  Relax.  We have drugs and dietary gimmicks to get you through it.  Just follow the money and behave the way you are told to behave.  It’s just business. It’s nothing personal.  What matters are the vitality, profitability, and longevity of the drug industry and the industries that sell us junk to put in our mouths.