Fat Organic Vegans


There is a restaurant in Seattle called the Plum Bistro which serves exclusively organic vegan cuisine.  The last time I walked by I was worried about whether the chairs were sufficiently reinforced to support the obesity that happened to be dining in the premises that day.

Vegan – whatever exactly that means – is not an adjective for healthy.  Indeed, at least in my town, Plum seems to be an adjective for high fat when it’s used as an adjective modifying Bistro.  I’ve been a diner at Plum Bistro, and I suspect that a diagnostic ultrasound examination would show that my arteries are still plugged up from that visit.

There is another organic, vegan, and fresh restaurant in town called Thrive.  It serves the same clientele.  Thrive and Plum Bistro are orgies for oil lovers.  What could be better than pure, unadulterated, organic, vegan oil?  Lots and lots and lots of oil.  Vegetation literally marinated in oil, pickled in oil, drenched in oil.

The word on the street is that these two popular eateries prove with every visit that vegan dining can be tasty dining.

It can also be profoundly unhealthy dining.  But if you’re worried about not getting enough of those wonderful “good fats” – you have got to make tracks for the Plum Bistro and Thrive. 

Just make sure you have ample life insurance for your dependents, even if it only covers death by coronary artery disease.

And there is the local delicacy – Mighty O Donuts!  Vegan, organic, local!  But they are donuts for Pete’s sake!!  Donuts!

Whatever the term “vegan” means, it does not mean healthy