But How Do You Get Enough Calcium?

But How Do You Get Enough Calcium Image

If you mean, “How do I manage my bone density” – then I would answer that I do weight training, or resistance training, and I try to minimize the acidity in my diet.

If you actually mean, “How do I get enough calcium” – then I would wonder what you saw in me that looked calcium deficient.  And I would also wonder what calcium deficiency looks like.  The dairy industry doesn’t explain that when it fuels our anxiety about not getting enough calcium.

I do want to keep my bones healthy.  So I bear my weight a lot (as in walking and not sitting around), and I avoid consuming junk (like milk) that is likely to lead to an acidity imbalance in my blood, because I know that acidity will need to be neutralized.  And I’m worried about how that will happen.  I’m especially worried that, lacking a more convenient source for neutralizing my blood acidity, my body might look to the convenience of my bones as a handy source of acid-neutralizing calcium.  I don’t want my bone calcium leached from my bones to deal with my blood acidity.

OK – I don’t really know if it works that way.  But body chemistry being what it is – I’m worried.  Also, despite intimations from the dairy industry, I don’t really know how calcium gets into my bones.  I know it’s in there, but I don’t know how long any particular gram of calcium has been in any one of my bones, and I don’t know what its original source was.  I have no particular reason to believe it came from consuming dairy – none whatsoever.  And if a compelling scientific case is ever made that my bone calcium is coming from dairy consumption, then I’ll buy me a cow and start milking it! If it were only so easy.

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