Protein Doping


Do you worry about getting enough protein?  Are you afraid that skimping on meat might leave you protein starved?  Have you been observing the ravages of protein deficiency in your friends and family – especially among your vegetarian friends?

Here’s a hint to that last question: no.  Whoops – I guess that is more than just a hint.  And how could I be so sure that your neighbors aren’t hobbling around with edema?

If you know someone suffering from protein deficiency, you just might be the only living American who does.  Now, protein toxicity – that’s another thing.

Do you know how many grams of protein you consume in a day?  Do you know what percentage of your daily caloric intake comes from protein?

Chances are you consume more protein than your body can safely use.  Certainly if you are on the SAD (the Standard American Diet) you are eating more protein than is healthy or even safe.

How much do you actual need?  Probably between 8 and 10 percent of your total caloric intake.  You will get that much by simply not starving and not putting junk in your mouth.

If you’re consuming animal products you are most certainly consuming too much protein, and dangerous protein to boot.  Hamburger delivers 41 percent of its calories in protein, cooked salmon delivers 46 percent, sliced ham 43 percent.  Remember, you need around 10 percent, perhaps up to 15 percent if you are really in a muscle-building mode.  And protein that is not used by your body is not innocuous – it’s toxic.  Even a steady diet of, say, snow peas, would give you 27 percent of its calories in protein – far more than you can safely use.

Stop worrying about not getting enough protein.  Start worrying about getting too much.

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